Buildings on Khodynskoe Pole
Two green irons
Complex contain three principal volumes:
1. Underground shopping center, located above the metro and having on the surface only entrance pavilions and pins of light wells.
2, 3. Office shopping buildings located to the right and left of the exit from the subway. These buildings are the main theme of the complex. Sloped, terraced, landscaped roofs are facing the Hodynka field to create a hill effect from the field and residential buildings. On the opposite side facing the laminated facades.
Area: 18,000 sq. m.
Floors: 4 above ground, 3 underground
Status: under construction*
Function: incidental passenger service, offices
Degree of participation: The full cycle in the structure of JSC "Mosproekt-3"
*At the completion of core construction stage, concrete and steel, the customer decided to rebuild the building with a critical change in shapes of the building and an increase in areas. To date, the STUDIO has refused to authorship on the implementation of the project with changes.