Wellington Wave
Creative Exhibition Center
Oriental bay, Wellington, New Zealand

We took 1st place
The shore is a movement. The movement of water, the movement of people, the movement of sand and stones, the movement of air. Shore is a transformation. Transformation of dusk into dawn, transformation of ebb into flow, transformation of matter into sand, dust and steam, transformation of daytime heat into evening coolness, transformation of the weary into a happy contemplator.

Our project grows from the shore. There is no clear boundary between vertical and horizontal, between interior and exterior, between the building and the beach, between the embankment and the roof of the building. The waves hit the steps of the amphitheater, bringing sand on it, and the building merges with the beach and the sea. Pedestrians freely pass through all parts of the building and may find themselves, where they want, on the roof, inside, on the beach. All movement around, inside and through the building, is fluid and not constrained by sharp corners and visual barriers.

Anyone will find a place here. Inside the building the community center, an exhibition hall and recreation areas are located. Under the canopy you can hide from the scorching sun and rain. From the observation deck you can see the neighborhood in a new light. Also, the building contains an amphitheater, which is a place for recreation and connection of the embankment with the beach.

Our building is a place where everything meets, moves and transforms.

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